19-20 Juni 2018
Stuttgart, Germany

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10 Stories on B2B Innovation You Might Have Missed

The B2B industry is under an immense amount of pressure to create an effective omni-channel experience for their customers.  Customers are looking for a B2C experience that still fits their B2B needs and there is an ever-increasing number of competitors that they face. 

But what are the current trends how can manufacturers and distributors create a digital strategy that is tailored to their customer’s needs? 

Download the full report for free here.

B2B X Attendee Profile & Industry Insights

This report provides a glimpse into the digital maturity of the European manufacturing & distribution industry, as well as the attendee & company profile of B2B X participants

Inside you'll learn:

  • Who you'll meet onsite
  • Facts & figures from a survey of B2B executives - insights on the state of digital transformation of the European B2B sector
  • Attendee profile: seniority, job function, annual revenue, and industries onsite
  • Digital maturity & stages of development
  • Top investment priorities in the next 12 - 24 months
  • Solutions the attendees want to meet at B2B X
  • Partnership opportunities for vendors

Report on Optimizing Customer Experience for Strategic Advantage

The last decade has witnessed a major shift in knowledge access away from the brand and into the hands of the customer, triggered by the ubiquitous nature of information on the Internet. Unfortunately, in the B2B context, this seismic shift occurred at a time when many manufacturers and distributors were focusing on profitability and quarterly earnings reports rather than harnessing an emerging set of digital tools and technologies to shape the next generation of customer experiences.

Learn more about this topic area, with this exclusive report written by B2B X Summit on the topic of: "Optimizing Customer Experience for Strategic Advantage".

Download the full report for free here.

Infographic on the Digitalization of Utilities

What is the current funding of aspirations to become digital leader? What are the current B2B digital levels and what are companies 3 year plan? Where do companies see the digital investment priorities? What type of numbers do companies have in their digital teams?

To find out the answers to those pressing questions, IQPC B2B X has produced an exclusive infographic detailing the latest in this sector!

Download the full infographic for free here


Case Study on how MISUMI implemented complex catalog and B2B order automation

This case study describes how MISUMI, a global manufacturer & distribution company retained key business with enterprise customers and met customer demand quickly by implementing PunchOut's catalog and cXML B2B order automation. 

Download the case study by PunchOut2Go and find out how MISUMI succeeded in:

  • the integration of a catalog with 80 sextilion part configurations into the customer's procurement systems
  • a growth in sales volume
  • a reduction of manual processes and therefore errors
  • quicker time-to-market
  • cost- and time savings

Shared with permission from the author:http://www.punchout2go.com/integration-success/misumi/